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Eliminate credit debt fast

Eliminate credit card debt | Get rid of your debt for good. Eliminate credit card debt the right way - legally and safely; discover the best options now. Card debts can quickly become overwhelming, we show you ways to eliminate credit card debt along with resources to help.

Many consumers seek fast solutions on ways to eliminate credit card debt legally, and with it the money being wasted on high interest charges.

eliminate card debt

At the outset we should note:

 !  'Debt Elimination' - as a service offering is a scam. There is no genuine service that can have card debts simply wiped away or forgiven.

Here we explore ways to legally eliminate credit card debt by yourself or with outside service help. Thus:

  • Eliminate credit card debt - to end your obligation to card issuers (creditors) by paying off all card balances.

As an unsecured form of borrowing, card debts can actually be managed in a number of ways. This includes outside service help with Debt Consolidation and other alternatives, including do-it-yourself steps.

How To Eliminate Credit Card Debt

eliminate card debt

There follows a summary of how to eliminate credit card debt without bankruptcy. This includes both:

  • Ways that card debt can be paid off immediately and thus eliminated.
  • Ways that card debt can be better managed in order to arrive at paid off / eliminated status faster and or cheaper.


You can get outside consolidation service help towards eliminating credit card debt or follow do-it-yourself options for eliminating credit card debt. This site explores each approach in detail. All consolidation options and alternatives should be considered before any strategy to eliminate credit debt is decided on.

Pay Off The Debt

Using non-loan funds acquired to eliminate credit debt.

- Increase income, cut back spending and increase repayments.
- Liquidate assets (sell items).
- Terminate savings or investments.
- Liquidate IRA.

Debt Consolidation Loan

Lender pays card creditors off immediately. While you eliminate credit card debt, you transfer the debts to the new lender. Loans eliminate credit card debt high interest payments by making the terms and cost of the debt more favorable.

A consolidation loan is a specific named product available from many companies including banks, credit unions, finance companies and lenders from the 'debt industry'.

Other Loans

Beyond consolidation loans, there is other types of borrowing that may be used to achieve the same result as a consolidation loan. Do-it-yourself ways to eliminate credit card debt by accessing borrowed monies to be used to pay off the card debt yourself.

Debt Consolidation Program

Consolidates your card repayments into one payment to a service provider. Reduces the cost of interest and helps you better manage payment. Credit card debt eliminate through a program also known as a Debt Management Plan or DMP.

Debt Settlement

Stops repayments to card creditors and 'diverts' that money into a savings fund for the purpose of later achieving settlements with creditors (hopefully).

Given a favorable outcome, may eliminate credit card debt for less than the full amount owed; can eliminate credit card debt principal in part. This has the effect of reducing the total principal and thus amount necessary to pay off / satisfy the debt.

This approach is not appropriate for many consumers with a card debts problem. It is also commonly referred to and marketed as card 'Debt Relief'.

Repayment Techniques

Ways that you can rationalize your card repayments towards the debt free goal. Includes the popular Snowball and Avalanche Techniques for managing card repayments. How to eliminate credit card debt on your own through a repayment strategy that works for you, choose your own card repayment Debt Solution

For many people, following a repayment strategy, coupled with a budget overhaul and cessation of card use is the best approach.

Budget Overhaul

Examine and review your budget in terms of income and expenditure. See where money can be saved by spending less or cutting down on cost. All money 'saved' through this process should be used to increase the amount that you routinely repay on the card debt, thus helping you eliminate credit card debt faster. Overhauling your budget is an essential part of any winning strategy to eliminate card debt; see our article How To Get Out Of Debt

The above ways to eliminate credit card debt are focused on better managing the outcome, to help you eliminate credit card debt by getting it paid off faster and or cheaper. The truth is that success requires that you come at the problem from two angles. You must address both cause and effect. It is not possible to eliminate your credit card debt by off-loading the problem through a loan, program or settlement service. Card debt is rooted in overspending and or poor money management that must be corrected.

Eliminate Card Debt

What's the best way to eliminate credit card debt? That depends on you, your circumstances and how much debt you have. It is essential to understand your options and set a firm action plan. All service options are described in detail here, including pros and cons. How to eliminate credit card debt fast? The only way to achieve this is to have the debt paid off immediately using funds introduced, all other approaches take time. Even in the case of a loan of any description, debt remains, albeit transferred away from card creditors. So, for the most part it cannot be done quick, nor can it be done without private efforts to address the cause of the debt in the first place. In order to card credit debt eliminate successfully a basic prerequisite is to stop usage of all cards immediately. How can I eliminate card debt without paying a service? Start by considering a budget overhaul discussed in our article How To Get Out Of Debt and choose the best repayment strategy for you. Eliminate credit card debt in a way that's right for you. Research these options here online.

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